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Teeth Recontouring

Teeth Recontouring

Cosmetic Tooth Contouring

You may have one or more teeth that are not similar in size or shape to neighboring teeth or have a jagged appearance. One of the cosmetic dentistry options we have at Eastwood Dental Office is tooth contouring. Unless teeth are affecting bite alignment, most patients have dental recontouring done only on the teeth that show when they smile.

The Teeth Recontouring Procedure

The procedure for tooth contouring is quick and easy. Dr. Joan Laura will shape and smooth the edges of each tooth, removing minimal amounts of enamel. The entire process is very comfortable – no anesthesia is needed. Then the whole tooth is smoothed and polished.
The Results

Even though recontouring teeth is an easy and painless procedure, the results can be dramatic. Jagged teeth are rounded. Long teeth can be shortened to look more uniform. Some patients elect to have their reshaped teeth whitened to add extra brightness. Your smile will look more attractive with a beautiful, finished appearance.

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