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Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Why Do I Need a Crown?

Crowns are needed when there is a large filling in a tooth. The larger the filling, the weaker its structure. Additionally, the larger the filling, the less of your original tooth is remaining. Having the crown placed over the large filling protects the tooth and keeps the filling from breaking apart.

If a tooth were to break at this delicate stage, after the large filling is placed, the tooth will likely need to be extracted. As a preventive measure, the crown is placed and the chances of the tooth remaining intact and of not needing to be removed are then better.

If you have a broken filling or tooth, or you have a large filling that you think may break, give us a call at Eastwood Dental Office and we can take preventive measures to avoid you losing your teeth.
Functional and Cosmetic Restorations

Sometimes, due to tooth damage or tooth decay, patients lose their ability to chew properly. Fortunately, using bridges and crowns, we can restore compromised teeth so they look and feel natural, and you'll be able to eat the foods you love again.


If a tooth has been injured or has significant decay, a dental crown may be a good option. A dental crown is a dental restoration that covers the outside of the tooth, at and above the gum line. They are usually made from porcelain. The two main reasons crowns are placed are for function or for a more attractive appearance.

The steps for crowning a tooth:
  • Your dentist will numb the area.
  • The tooth will be shaped to fit inside the crown.
  • Your dentist will take an impression.
  • The impression will be sent to a lab to make the custom crown.
  • A temporary crown is placed until your next visit.
  • At your next visit your permanent crown is cemented to your tooth.


If teeth are damaged beyond repair or are missing, a dental bridge is a way to restore function and fill the gaps in your smile. A fixed bridge relies on adjoining teeth for support. The natural teeth on either side of the gap are crowned and used to support a crown or crowns to fill the gap.

Your crown or bridgework will look and feel as comfortable as your natural teeth. Restored teeth should also be cared for with the same good oral hygiene: brushing, flossing, and regular visits to your dentist.

At Eastwood Dental Office in Syracuse, we can restore the function and appearance of your smile with dental crowns and bridges . To see Dr. Joan Laura about whether your teeth need to be restored or replaced, use our online form to contact us or call (315) 849-9055 .

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