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Veneers Will Put The Fireworks In Your Smile

  • By Eastwood Dental Office
  • 12 Jul, 2016
At our New York dental practice , we truly enjoy putting our education and experience to work for you and your family. We are committed to providing excellent, compassionate care in a warm, inviting atmosphere. We like to say that it feels like home around here, because we are actually set up in a house that has been in Dr. Laura’s family for generations. So, if you live in the Syracuse area, you really should come see for yourself!

Today we want to talk about an easy way to improve the appearance of your smile.

If you have bothersome dental issues or visible damage to your teeth, odds are you have already had to endure some embarrassing situations this summer. Weddings, graduations, family reunions, and other special events can be a lot of fun. Unless you have a smile that is worse for wear.

If you can relate, we have some great news for you! Dental veneers are an easy cosmetic treatment that we offer in our office to cover over a variety of dental imperfections.

They can close small gaps, hide discoloration, cover small chips and fractures, and make teeth appear to be straighter. Since our veneers are made of porcelain, they are not porous and susceptible to stains like natural enamel. That means they will look good for quite some time.

Most patients are blown away by how much their smiles are transformed through such a minimally invasive procedure. Keep reading to hear more about the process, and then be sure to follow up and schedule your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Laura .

Veneers: A Great Catch-All Solution

The process for getting dental veneers can be completed during two short appointments.

In preparation for the placement of your veneers, Dr. Laura will remove a small amount of enamel from the front of each tooth. This is not reversible so you will need to be sure this is the solution for you!

This preparation makes room for the porcelain veneer to fit perfectly on your tooth and blend in with the natural surroundings of your mouth.

Once sufficient amounts of enamel have been removed, each veneer will be bonded to the tooth with a very strong resin cement. The cement is hardened with a special light, making the bond permanent.

That’s all there is to it!

Just so you know: you do have to be in good health overall with a mouth that is free of disease and decay in order to be considered for veneers. But if you are determined to be a good candidate, our veneers can quickly change your life for the better.

Make The Fireworks Happen!

Would you like to change the size, shape, or color of your teeth this summer? Then you really should see if dental veneers will work for you. This fast and easy solution will brighten up your smile like firecrackers on the 4th of July!

Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation in Syracuse, NY!
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